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Dreaming about owning your own business is not enough to make it a reality. The Franchise Doctor is convinced that buying a franchise is the best solution for the majority of those searching for their own business.

The Franchise Doctor would like to help you learn more about the process of buying and running a franchised business for Free! We will give you access to your Full 20-page FranchiseFit Report if you'll share with us your goals and aspirations in the following Profile. Please complete the entire Profile and we will be sure to follow up within 7 days. When this process is completed, you will have a much clearer focus on what types of businesses are best for you. We will strive to introduce you to several franchise systems that meet your personal profile that are seeking new franchisees in your area so that you may research their suitability for your needs.

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Full Name
Street Address
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Date of Birth
Marital Status
Current/Latest Job Title
Latest Annual Income $
Check all boxes that apply:

What is the highest level of schooling you've completed?? High School College Advanced Degree

Have you ever owned a business? Yes No If yes, describe:

How long have you been looking for a business?

What businesses have you looked at?

Where do you plan to operate your business? First Choice:
Second Choice: Third Choice:

How will you know when you have found the right business for you?

Considering other family income and your cash reserves, what is the least amount of yearly income you'll need to draw from your business during the first year? $

Based on the funds currently available to you, how much cash could you invest in the right venture before taking on additional debt? $

So that we can help you focus on the industries where you will excel, please check the six to ten attributes on this list that describe you.

Amiable Controlling Flexible Independent Outgoing Strong Willed
Profit Oriented Diplomatic Focused Leader Persuasive Supportive
Compassionate Direct Growth Oriented Loyal Reliable Thinker
Competitive Eccentric Hard Working Money Oriented Results Driven Traditional
Conservative Enthusiastic Impatient Open Minded Risk Taker Understanding
Considerate Enterprising Intuitive Opinionated Spontaneous Unique

Your previous work history and life experiences have helped you develop certain feelings about different industries. Please check each of the following that are of interest to you: Automotive Business Services Children's Products/Services Consumer Services Food Retail

How many days a week are you willing to devote to your venture? 7 Days 6 Days 5 Days

How many hours a week are you willing to devote to your venture?

When would you like to start devoting full-time to your business? Months from today.

The right franchise must fulfill many goals. Please choose six to ten of the following words that depict what you hope to gain from your business and then number them, assigning 1 to the most important:

Integrity Family Success Fulfillment Fun Income
Challenge Relationships Accomplishment Contribution Independence Creativity
Growth Security Control Honesty Freedom Results
Prestige Competition Recognition Happiness Health Flexibility

Evaluating your personal preferences for the business that you buy will insure that you don't waste time evaluating ventures that don't meet your needs and will help you recognize the right venture when you discover it. Please help us get a better understanding of your wishes--as you now see them. We should plan to review these preferences and make changes as you review different franchise systems. (Please check all that apply.)

Risk Tolerance New companies begin selling franchises every year. Can you envision yourself joining a young franchisor (one with less than 25 units) if all the signs pointed to "Go?" Would you enjoy being part of a small, formative organization, or is a major goal to achieve stability by investing in a system that has been proven over the years?
The right young franchise would be attractive. Thanks, but I need the security of a more proven system.

Venue Do you prefer a home office? A commercial office? A storefront? A mobile venue where you're visiting clients throughout the day?

Employees Is your goal to run a solo business? Employ 1-10 Employ 11+

Management Style Do you wish to be involved in every aspect of the business? Do you prefer to develop employees and then delegate portions of the daily activities to that team?

Aversion Are there specific industries in which you cannot conceive investing? Please list:
I'd dig ditches or sell flowers door-to-door if the opportunity is right!

Income Is your goal to build your business to make the maximum amount of money possible? Do you plan to grow your business and sell it in a few years for a profit? or, Do you envision yourself slowing down when you achieve a certain income level? How much income would be enough?

Thanks for helping us get to know you. If you have any other comments you think will help us assist you in finding the best franchise for you, please add it here and then submit this form to The Franchise Doctor. Someone will call you within 7 days. We hope you spend some time on our site learning more about franchising.

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